Overview of Coatings

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings in the form of inorganic base sol-gel, form a very thin layer of 35 µ ± 5 yet a very hard (9H Pencil hardness) surface. Ceramic, by nature is an excellent conductor of heat, F-LON® ceramic coatings can be applied in many applications where one or more of the following properties are required:

  • High heat resistance (450°C)
  • Hard surface yet high impact resistance
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance and/or anti-fouling properties
  • Stain resistance and good clean-ability (equivalent to a vitreous enamel)
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Higher heat transfer coefficient
  • Excellent Nonstick

The newest product in our range is F-LON® 9000 which is cutting-edge technology, based on a Sol-Gel process resulting in coatings with the following characteristics.

  • PTFE-free
  • Zero PFOA / APFO / C8 (oranalogues thereof)
  • Highly temperature resistant (up to 450°C) and possibly beyond
  • Extremely hard (up to 9H)

Key features:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Electrical insulated
  • Thermal Conductive
  • Good non-stick
  • Scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion resistance

We work with customers like yourselves to understand your needs, providing the technical back up to achieve the solution to your problem.  Fluorocarbon’s coating services can add value to your product and provide you with a competitive edge.


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Ceramic Coating