Overview of Coatings

F-LON® Coatings

F-LON® surface coatings have been developed to provide the ultimate in chemical protection. 

Our range, based on high performance melt processable fluoropolymers such as ECTFE coating, PFA coating and ETFE coating has been formulated to provide enhanced toughness and chemical protection.

F-LON® High Build surface coatings have been specifically developed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the processing industries including organic and inorganic chemical manufacture and the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Our internal reinforcement technology also enables application thicknesses in excess of 1.0mm (depending on the component) further enhancing liquid and vapour resistance. Desired thicknesses are attained by the application of multiple spray coats with high-temperature oven-fusion cycles between each coat. Rotation of parts during coating minimises the effects of thermoplastic melt flow.

  • Coating Thicknesses 0.2mm - >1.0mm
  • Minimal Vapour Penetration
  • Wide-ranging chemical resistance
  • High service temperature capability
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent impact properties
  • Excellent release characteristics
  • Excellent surface finish

All coatings are meticulously inspected for thickness and evidence of flaws which might prejudice coating integrity.

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F-LON® Coatings