Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies have experts with many years of experience to provide customers with specific coating products and recommend application solutions.

Our surface technologies are employed in many industries that require high-performance coating services for the protection and enhancement of product performance in a variety of operating conditions. eg corrosion, weathering and chemical attack.

Along with many multinational companies, our client base also includes smaller innovative industries.

Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies can provide a wide variety of alternative products and processes that could optimise your efforts or provide solutions to your challenges. Working in collaboration, our team of experts are available to assist you with your surface technology requirements.


Working with Fluorocarbon Surface Technology offers the opportunity to create a partnership, benefiting clients  that surface technology may not be their core business or for those who would like to explore market opportunities in existing or new industries.

Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies, under the F-LON® brand offers an expansive range of coating formulations and applications to meet today's ever increasing performance requirements.

Regardless of the market and industry you represent, whether you wish to enhance heat resistance & load performance, improve chemical or corrosion resistance, reduce weight, or improve mechanical performance – we can develop a surface technology for you.

Global Support

We understand commercial and logistical feasibility, at times, would need to bring the coating application in-house. Therefore, we can offer the turnkey solutions needed to replicate the same level of quality which would be supplied by us.

We offer technology transfer and start-ups for licensed applicators of our coating products, along with licensing and exclusivity of complete coatings.

As surface coating specialists, we are able to provide a full audit service for current/new processes including: 

  • Equipment 
  • Coating Condition
  • Surface Preparation
  • Application Technology
  • Quality Control
  • Process Control Requirements
  • Related Documentations

Working as part of your team, our consultant’s thorough assessment will provide recommendations as to the most cost-effective surface technology solution, maintenance and development strategy.


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Consultancy Services