Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solution

Our turnkey solutions bring a wealth of experience, meeting customer requirements for supply of critical components along with our proven coatings knowledge. We can evaluate existing coated products to assess problems such as corrosion, adhesion, and abrasion.  

Integrating our business systems and supply chain management Fluorocarbon Surface Technology provides turnkey solutions to a wide range of industries backed by the Fluorocarbon Group.

Project Management

From product conceptualisation to coating plant design and installation, our project management services enables rapid market entry, reduces start-up cost and improves time to production.

We understand that at later stages of a product life cycle, some of our customers would like to bring the coating application in house. Our services will ensure repeatability and consistency of exceptional coatings for your products. This may be a continuity of such service where the products were originally supplied by Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies. 

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Operations & Supply Management

Benefit from our proven track record of delivering successful partnerships with global and local customers.

Our flexibility in partnership means, we are able to provide you with bespoke material developed at Fluorocarbon, apply coatings to your components, manufacture your sub assembly part or support you to do it all yourself.

By becoming our partner, you could confidently focus on developing your core operations further and benefit from the coating specialist expertise in surface finishing and more. Due to our wider group capabilities, we can also help you integrate your supply chain through us and shorten your lead times. In addition, we can manage your approved suppliers as your end of chain project manager. Your products are always at your doorsteps and we deal with the complications of the supply chain. 

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Turnkey Solutions