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Fluorocarbon History


Fluorocarbon founded and was a pioneer in the moulding of PTFE polymers in the UK. During the late 1960’s it established itself as a supplier of this new material to many key players in the sealing and valve industry.


The moulding of PTFE expanded into processing techniques such as extrusion and auto-moulding. Fluorocarbon acquired a small engineering company and introduced the machining of finished components. This led to the acquisition of a manufacturing site in Scotland.


The completion of the Fluorocarbon Hertford head office and manufacturing site. The site still acts as the head office today.


Growth in the demand for Fluorocarbon coatings and surface finishes led to the completion of a 2nd building on the head office site.


Fluorocarbon developed further its range of PTFE Lined Pipe work, fittings, associated chemical transfer and fluid handling equipment. To accommodate this, a site was acquired in Irlam, Manchester. Production of PTFE Sheet and Tape product was also transferred from the original Trafford Park factory at this time. 


Fluorocarbon Seals Ltd established to design and market a range of high performance sealing solutions and products.

In the same year Fluorocarbon also acquired a small metal working company called Ashforth Bakery Products based in Nottinghamshire. This led to the formation of another company; Fluorocarbon Bakeware Systems. Today FBS has become a key player in the supply of Bakeware to the industrial and craft bakery industry in the UK and Europe.


Fluorocarbon established another company; Fluorocarbon Hose Ltd, to specialise in the production and assembly of a range of reinforced and un-reinforced PTFE hoses.


Fluorocarbon acquires a manufacturing site in Romania. 


Fluorocarbon opens USA sales office to maintain and develop customer relationships.


The Company acquires full managerial ownership of all shares and announces a new global strategy. The first stage includes investment in offshore manufacturing, Toyota production system and the re-branding of the company.

In July 2008 Fluorocarbon Holdings acquires Prestige Industrial Ltd.


FBS Prestige is launched, incorporating FBS and Prestige Industrial Ltd


Fluorocarbon Inc. is launched into USA with the opening of the Houston office.


Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies is formed in response to growing demand both nationally and internationally not only for our products, but also for our expertise in this field.


Expansion to existing laboratory capabilities. 

Our Metrology and Inspection Laboratory in Hertford just got bigger with the addition of a state-of-the-art Vision Machine Measuring System.


Fluorocarbon Polymers moves into a new larger location in Romania. The new location holds a large number of machines and tooling to support the polymer and metal machining customer requirements, from conventional machining to CNC machining to Milling, Turning and Grinding.


The Fluorocarbon Group celebrates 60 years of its establishment.