Surface Technologies

Properties & Applications

Properties & Applications

Coatings Properties and Applications

Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies offer a wide range of high performance coatings to cover application across many industries. Working with our customers to understand their needs, we recommend the most accurate and cost effective surface technology to increase product lifecycle and enhance functionality providing a distinct competitive advantage.

Abrasion Resistance

We offer several extremely tough coatings that can withstand arduous industrial applications. These can be single or multi-coat systems with reinforcement within the actual coating to extend product life.

Antimicrobial Coatings

Fluorocarbon uses a silver nano technology additive which can be blended in our existing coatings to provide a sterile antimicrobial surface, reducing the spread and cross contamination of bacteria and germs in the medical and food industry.

Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies has formulated many special surface coatings to provide customer specific solutions integrated with other properties such as low friction and abrasion resistance.

Bimetallic Corrosion

Our high-performance barrier coatings and their insulating properties provide an excellent solution to bimetallic corrosion

Chemical Resistance

Our  wide range of chemically resistant fluoropolymer coatings offer solutions to many of the challenges of chemical protection against aggressive and corrosive chemical environments that is required in today's advanced industrial, pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors.

Corrosion Resistance

Our coatings are used in many harsh environments, offering extended protection to critical components where the structural integrity of the substrate is vital.

Cryogenic Stability 

Where surface technology is required to perform at extremely low temperatures (-40 to -195) we can offer suitable coatings without loss of physical properties.

Electrical properties 

With very high dielectic strength, low dissipation factors and high surface resistivity, our specially formulated materials can achieve electrically tested insulative properties or electroconductive characteristics to function as anti-static and static dissipative surfaces. 

Heat Resistance 

Our products have a wide spread of temperature resistance. PTFE based materials can run at up to 280°C, while our high-temperature range of specialised finishes have  ratings of up to 600°C intermittently.

Heat Dissipation

Our Ceramic range of coatings is an Environmentally friendly, inorganic coating with excellent thermal conductivity and emissivity whilst being electrically insulative.


Within our wide range of surface coatings many formulations are non wetting; as with the non-stick properties, this greatly aids cleanup of surfaces and in some applications will be virtually self cleaning.

Low Friction

Fluoropolymer materials can have very low coefficient of friction, with figures as low as 0.02 static and 0.01 dynamic achievable

Non -stick/release

Fluoropolymer coatings offer superb non-stick surfaces that are easily cleaned. A wide range of release characteristics are achievable but can depend on temperature requirements.


Stainless Steel material have good corrosion resistance, however when these parts are subjected to heavy loads against a similar material such as a threaded part or a gear the friction causes the metals to "weld themselves" together ceasing up, our surface coatings can eliminate the problem.

Dry film lubricants

A combination of features in our coating products such as Low friction and hard wearing aids lubrication in many applications where a conventional lubrication by itself is not sufficient.

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