Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies, backed by the Fluorocarbon Group, provides over 50 years of experience in coatings and surface technology solutions globally.

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Working with our customers to understand their needs, we recommend the most accurate and cost effective surface technology to increase product lifecycle and enhance functionality providing a distinct competitive advantage.


Fluorocarbon Group Celebrates 60 Years

This September, the Fluorocarbon Group of companies celebrates its 60th anniversary.

We are extremely grateful to our customers and suppliers who enabled us to provide world-class services and products. Your requirements, challenges and feedback have pushed us with our continuous development and for this we are sincerely thankful.

Our success story would be incomplete without your support, thank you!


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May 2022

What is Sol-Gel coating?


Sol-Gel, (otherwise known as Ceramic) materials are formed from small inorganic particles suspended in solution that gel together to form an inorganic matrix.